Tribute to Our Friend – In Memory of Debi

We are pleased to announce that this year’s concert series is dedicated to the memory of our friend and former Co-Chair of our Society, Debra E. “Debi” MacNeil. Debi’s love of the Gaelic language and culture and her passion for growing the Gaelic will continue to inspire us here at the Féis.

Bidh an sreath do chuirmean-ciùil againn am bliadhna air a sònrachadh mar chuimhneachan do Dheabaidh NicNìll: ar bana-charaid agus Co-neach-cathrach roimhe aig Comann Féis an Eilein. `S ann a bhios an gràdh a bh’aig Deabaidh air cultar is cànan nan Gàidheal, agus an togradh a bh’aice-se gus fàs a thoirt air a’ Ghàidhlig, `na bhrosnachadh maireannach aig muinntir na Féiseadh.

The first concert in our Gaelic Concert Series will celebrate Debi’s life in Gaelic. Debi was an integral member of the Féis serving as our co-chair for many years. She had an immense love for Gaelic singing and the Gaelic language. She dedicated a lot of her life to learning the language and immersing herself in it through her work with Féis an Eilein, the Nova Scotia Highland Village Museum, and by taking and teaching numerous Gaelic classes. We will always remember Debi’s great work ethic. She was dedicated to her culture and the passion that she shared through the Féis will forever be remember.

We hope you can join us in celebrating the life and cultural contributions of our own, Debi MacNeil.

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