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We are currently upgrading our website and would like to share with you our 2020 & 2021 “Bu Deònach Leam Tilleadh,” summer concert series. Click here to be brought to our to video library.

Failte. Bu mhath do bhuill Comunn Féis An Eilein fàilt’ a chur oirbh dhan choimhearsnachd Eilean Na Nollaig, Ceap Breatuinn. Tha muinntir a’ Chomuinn agus muinntir na coimhearsnachd am fior dhòchas gum faigh sibh toileachadh às an ùine a chuireas sibh seachad ‘nar measg. Taing is buidheachas dhuibh uile airson na taice a chuireas sibh ris an oidheirp a tha sinn a’ deanamh gus Gàidhlig a bhrosnachadh. Ar ceud taing dha’n Roinn-Smàlaidh, Eilein Na Nollaig, airson ur taice is ur cuideachaidh. Tapa leibh gu mór.

Our members and members of the community hope that those of you who are visiting will enjoy your time spent with us and the many summer events we have planned. Thank you for supporting our efforts to promote Gaelic language initiatives. Mòran Taing!

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