Còmhla Cruinn – Gathered Together (CD)

Féis an Eilein Gathers Community Together to Release Gaelic CD

Féis an Eilein and CBC Cape Breton are proud to announce the release of the CD CÒMHLA CRUINN /(pro.Ka~ Wa~ Kruinne) Gathered Together — A Cape Breton Gaelic Celebration. This project brings together the talents of the many people who have nurtured the Féis over the years. The singers, musicians, organizers and supporters pooled their talents to complete this historic project.

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Produced in cooperation between CBC Radio and Comunn Féis an Eilein.
Recorded on Location at the Christmas Island Fire Hall April 2002

“This is important for the Féis. It is important to our community, and it is important to Gaelic” says Allison Mac Kenzie, co-chair of Comunn Féis an Eilein. “This is truly a community project and one that we can all be proud of for years to come.”


Tracey Dares


Rod C. MacNeil


Peter Maclean


Paul MacNeil

Hector MacNeil

Hector MacNeil

For many years, organizers of Féis an Eilein wanted to make a clear recording of the Gaelic singers and tradition bearers who participate in Féis events. For various reasons they were unable to capture the songs without background noise or technical difficulty. At the same time, CBC Cape Breton was interested in producing a high quality recording of Gaelic singers on location. An intern at the Féis, who was also an employee at the CBC, arranged a meeting between the two parties and a recording date was set for the spring of 2002.


Neil John Gillis


Mary Jane Lamond


Kim Ells


Allen Macleod

Beth MacNeil

Beth MacNeil

The singers were asked to select a local song that they liked to sing that may not have been recorded before. After the tradition bearers selected their songs, the others in the group made sure they knew the choruses. It was all recorded at the Christmas Island Fire Hall one day in April. The musicians were recorded the next afternoon. The recording was produced by Wendy Bergfeldt of CBC Cape Breton and engineered by Rod Sneddon of CBC Halifax. Lisa Patterson and Greg Macdonald from the IT Innovation Center at the University College of Cape Breton videotaped both recording sessions.


Betty Lord


Jim Watson


Janet Cameron


Jamie MacNeil

Maxie MacNeil

Maxie MacNeil

Other members of the Féis community became involved in the postproduction work. Hector Mac Neil of St. Ann’s Gaelic College researched the songs, interviewed the singers and wrote the liner notes. Margaret Williams led the group through the manufacturing process. Award winning photographer Carol Kennedy took the pictures and designed the cover. Paul MacDonald completed the layout. Seamus Watson of the Nova Scotia Highland Village, Frances Mac Eachen of Am Braighe magazine and singer Mary Jane Lamond sifted through hours of tape to find a recording of the late Mr. Neil John Gillis to include on the recording. Neil John was a long-time contributor to the Féis in Christmas Island and the community wanted his singing represented on the CD as well.


Frances MacEachern


Jeff MacDonald


Barry George


Angus Macleod

Seamus MacNeil

Seamus MacNeil

Joe Peter MacLean

Joe Peter MacLean

Colin Watson

Colin Watson


Reviewed by Frank Macdonald for The Inverness Oran

Reviewed by Jonathan Dembling

Reviewed by Margaret Bennett for The West Island Free Press

Reviewed in Off the Beaten Track Sing Out! Vol. 47 #1. Spring 2003